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History of Mazaya University

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Message from the President

We aspire to provide the Iraqi community with highly equipped graduates enjoying the best of technological and professional knowledge to compete and participate in the daily surge of labor market and its requirements. To do this, Mazaya University College is very careful to make learning environments available for all students via attracting the best teaching staff, supporting academic research and embracing creativity among students. Sustainable development is part of our study programs to enhance welfare and social justice to our local community. A special message is directed to all female students that the college plans to support their admissions into higher education at any local university.

Our Values

  • Transparency, Integrity, Respect, Creativity, Team Work, Belonging, Distinction, Competition, and Aspiration
Mazaya University Vision

The college vision is to participate in developing the coming generations of students through providing them with the professional skills that enable them to force their way forward confidently. Graduates should be equipped with the modern digital and technological knowledge related to their fields of study at the college. Our vision does not stop at providing educational services but goes farther to cover gender equality and the role of woman in Iraqi society, sustainable development and the protection of next generations' social and economic welfare, and the creation of a smoke-free educational environment.

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