college history

Mazaya University College was established in 2012 by the provisions of Law No. 13, Article 1 of 1996, under Council of Ministers Resolution No. (Sh.Z/10/8/32166) of 2012, where the Council of Ministers decided in its regular session held on 10/9/2012 to approve granting A license to establish Mazaya University College in Dhi Qar Governorate after fulfilling the basic requirements stipulated in the Law of Private Colleges and Universities No. 13 of 1996, amended 2.

The college obtained recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research according to the letter No. C E / 2644 on 5/23/2013. The college was composed of several departments, including English, Arabic, economics, medical laboratory techniques, and computer technology engineering.

The college aims to develop knowledge, serve the community, graduate competent cadres, work to expand horizontally and vertically in the specialization and transform the college into a university. Indeed, other departments have been opened in successive years. These are pharmacy, law, civil engineering, accounting, and business administration. The college has achieved distinguished results, as the number of outstanding students was among the first ranks of the scientific and humanities departments in the central ministerial examinations for sobriety requirements and twinning with public universities. Our college also participated in many international scientific conferences, including the college’s participation in the International Scientific Conference on Information Technology, which was held in Kuala Lumpur for the period from 12-15 August 2019, and the international conference affiliated with the Arab Organization for Quality Education, which was held in Jordan for several specialized research in the field of education and education. Education and accreditation in addition to scientific conferences. The college’s mission is to be a leader in academic performance at the local and regional levels after achieving many scientific and research achievements that laid the foundation for its future scientific career, by providing qualitative higher education in various specializations that serve the local community, especially its ambition to obtain the privilege of opening studies. Higher education in the future after achieving scientific successes on the ground.