الامين العام لمكتبة كلية مزايا الجامعة

الاستاذ ضياء ماضي

An introductory overview of the library of Mazaya University College:

The library of Mazaya University College was established in 2013. It is a cultural, educational, and scientific institution that works to serve the community of students and professors who are affiliated with the university and non-university from outside the university campus to serve science and knowledge. The library provides them with all the information they need in their studies, including books, periodicals, dissertations, research, and other sources of information.


Upgrading the level of the library to be one of the libraries that are comparable to the Arab and international libraries and to become an advanced center for information and knowledge to achieve the educational, research, and community goals of the university.

Library Goals:

  • Encouraging students to read freely and develop a love for reading on their own by benefiting from references, special encyclopedias, and dictionaries.
  • Providing the appropriate atmosphere for reading in order to create the desire to visit the library continuously and view its contents, as the library is organized with its seats, good adaptation, appropriate lighting, and good services.
  • Creating an integrated and balanced personality for the students in thought and in behavior and developing the spirit of innovation among them.
  • Preparing a generation of professors and researchers who represent the tip of the spear in the cultural and administrative movement.

Library Message:

Providing high-quality information services to support the educational and research process in the university and the community through the advanced systems owned by the libraries, distinguished human resources, and local and international partnerships.