Dr. Abbas Jumaah Al-waeli

Finance in Accounting Thought -

by Dr. Abbas Jumaah Al-waeli

Topics covered in this book include Personal Financial Planning, Fundamentals of Funding, Financial and Regulatory Environment, Valuing Options: Time, Risk, Value, and Financial Management, Managing Personal Risk: Insurance, Investing in Mutual Funds, Commodities, Real Estate, Collectibles, Financial Structure and Transaction Costs and asymmetric information. Each chapter concludes with a list of key terms covered in the accounting chapter called Business Language. Financial accounting is also closely related to finance, as financial accounting is an important branch of accounting. It is associated with recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions and preparing business-related data in accordance with generally accepted accounting concepts and conventions. It mainly aims to assist all parties involved in financing outside the company's operational responsibility, such as shareholders and creditors, along with providing information about the overall operating results of the business.